Speaking of School…

Oh hello there, old and new friends! I am about half-way through the most difficult semester of my MBA. It’s not only getting toward the end of my program, but I’m also taking both of my electives this Spring and will thus not have a single break until graduation. In August.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post.

My final assignment for Business Analytics Applications is to analyze the traffic to a website. As I told my professor when I asked her to use my own site, it would be embarrassing for me to not do well considering I recently recertified my Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

So lend me your traffic! Click around. Visit this page maybe.

Most of the historical traffic is this post. I get it. I’ll post more tutorials of the cool little projects I work on in my limited spare time. And by “work on” I mean think about, as I don’t do anything besides work, school and exercise (for my sanity). But I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff! And rest assured, I will share them with you when I can refocus some of my energy.

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