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This being my first post to this site, it took great deliberation of possibly 30 whole minutes considering what topic would be worthy of VERITAStrophe’s maiden article. My first thought was to talk about how lame it is when people comment with “first post” when it’s the first comment on a post. Get it? Because this is my first post? I was going to into why people still do it and how a site I used to haunt, Fark.com, had creatively combated the behavior. You can read all about that if you wish at this here link.

But writing about “first post” super lame behavior seemed, well, super lame. And I want to talk about super cool things instead. Then my significant other, who will be referred to as “Manfriend” moving forward, introduced me to a new non-profit radio station serving Miami.

And thus, I bring to you my introduction of: Shake 108 (but actually 107.9 FM).

Shake 108 has practically everything you want in a radio station. Driving to Manfriend’s house the other day, I was delighted to hear not only Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Suddenly, I found myself coasting on a wind of nostalgia. I was transported back my neighborhood rec center; a chubby third grader with no friends. I reflected on the common cultural threads that piece our lives together, as it was this song I was singing at karaoke just a year and a half ago at the exact moment my memory went black the night I lost my wallet at Titanic Restaurant and Brewery and woke up on my friend’s couch the next morning.

How the years go by.

Last weekend, they even played “Oh Carolina,” by Shaggy. It was phenomenal. While the station is still in its infancy, it adds a definitive character to the otherwise bland and repetitive radio landscape of Miami-Dade. Plus, you don’t have to listen to a bunch of college children talk about their favorite bands or this funny story about that song that just played (ahem, WVUM). The only real drawback is its limited coverage, as one can only tune-in within the central Miami area. Even then, if you drive too close to the Metrorail, it may cut out on you. The station is also occasionally not on the air, although it has been fairly consistent in the last few days. You can, however, listen in on the AudioRealm app, which only took one e-mail to AudioRealm’s support to get working.

While it may now just sound like one guy playing his iPod over a limited broadcast, I am keeping my eye on this radio station and have high hopes that we can all grow together. Tune in and support 107.9 FM Shake 108. Manfriend says he’s even getting a t-shirt for providing a donation, although I have not verified this information. We don’t have to conform to what Clear Channel wants us to listen to. Stand up to the MAN, and stand for self determination of Miami’s cultural identity.

If you want to make a tax deductible donation to Shake 108, visit this link here to contribute.

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