III Points 2014 Rapid Wrap-Up

Be[a]still my heart! When I first heard that the Wynwood Arts District would be hosting a music festie with a pretty legit lineup and a fairly decent price tag, my interest had been mildly piqued. Having been a veteran of a few local music festivals, I was at least impressed by an interesting mix of national and local acts. The more I read about it, though, the more I realized this would have to be an annual VERITAStrophe stepping out.

The III Points festival concluded its second iteration last weekend. Founded by Miami’s David Sinopoli and Erica Freshman of Bardot local fame, the festival is founded on the interaction of art, music, and technology. Miami is fairly well known on the music scene, as the Magic City becomes a mecca for electronic music lovers come March of every year. Art Basel and the emergence of the Wynwood Arts District is slowly making a name for Miami in worldwide arts community, as well. And though Wynwood is more famous for its monthly art walks and thriving bar and restaurant scene, it is also poised to be the center of an even broader Miami renaissance as it  hosts a variety of players on the fledgling local “start-up” and technology field.

And what better way to celebrate the future of Miami’s renaissance than a big ass party? (There were also workshops and other cool things going on centered on those three points [get it?!], too, but let’s not too distracted.)


Although my eyes were heavy in exhaustion from the incessant and inexplicably loud television watching my roommate had been doing all week, I would not allow this to deter my excitement. The clock rang 4PM and it was time to plan my early escape from work as III Points was now upon me. Rapid fire Friday wrap-up starts now!

  • Manfriend equally tired; we were quite a pair of beautiful zombies.
  • Is that… Shake Shake? On the festival grounds? Panther Coffee and tequeños, too?!
  • Manfriend takes a bathroom break so I decide to figure out the festival grounds layout…
  • … There are no maps.
  • … I can’t go back the way I came in.
  • … Is that another room or a mirror? Oh, definitely a mirror.
  • Come back to Manfriend more confused than before. But there were people skating and the hip-hop group in that one room was awesome. [Look at schedule.] That must be “Skatespace.”
  • Lykke Li is a mystical fairy. Plays the one song I really like last, naturally.
  • Millionyoung introduces himself as “Millionyoung.” [Look at schedule, again.] This must be the “Mindmelt” stage. Success! Grounds mapped.
  • Thundercat is actually a wolf.
  • Portapotties have no lighting. Portapotties are scary.
  • Flying Lotus, aka FlyLo. All the bass are belong to me. Make friends with a security guard.
  • RJD2 is weirded out by cool visuals. Plays on.


While we went home relatively early Friday night, I was sure to get plenty of rest for Saturday. There had been a workshop at The Lab that I wanted to check out and I was determined to be psyched and ready to go with plenty of time to get there. The workshop, however, did not happen, as myself and Manfriend had a more pressing meeting at Titanic Brewery that we needed to attend. This meeting gave me the opportunity to use Lyft for the first time. However much better rested I’d been, Day 2 became a bit of a blur. Firing off that rapid wrap-up now!

  • Get some grub at Pride and Joy; meal comes with three drink tickets. Girls cut us in line at bar and Manfriend proceeds to talk shit about them within close range only pausing to take a photo of the mural on the back porch. We chug all three of our Desperado beers at once.
  • Manfriend drunk now; take him to get espresso at Panther Coffee. Manfriend starts talking loudly about committing murder while waiting. Other patrons do not seem to appreciate his sense of humor. Coffee makes things better. Coffee so tasty.
  • Stopped and interviewed by the New Times walking to the gate. Manfriend gets artistic taking photos of me from behind the reporter while this occurs.
  • Manfriend encourages me to get my make-up done after we discover what the mystery tent in the corner of the Mainspace is for. Woman puts googly eyes all over my forehead and sends me through a maze. Manfriend is not pleased with the abstract art created on my face.
  • Chet Faker pleases. Dance dance dancing!
  • Land in Art Walk food truckery to test re-entry rule. Bathrooms here are almost as scary. Bet and win on a truck that looked lonely with some chimichanga satisfaction. Real fruit juice with even realer vodka to wash it all down.
  • Stop young man to ask for directions to nearest liquor store. Turns out to be Millionyoung from the night before. (Yeah, I just rhymed.)
  • John Talabot = more dancing. Successfully scare security guards away from their post with vigorous dancing. Encouraged, move further into the crowd to continue to scare people.
  • Jamie xx probably happened.
  • Am accused of being forced by the police to dress like a Tarzan woman while waiting for Uber. Manfriend instigates same poor tweaker just as our driver arrives. Probably saved a few women from a lot of awkwardness in the process.
  • Manfriend passes out mid-sentence when we get home. I am too wound up to sleep.


Oh the humanity, I am getting too old to stay up all night! I need a solid eight hours of sleep to live peacefully! And, oh! I am so sore. Alas, I must go on! For Sunday beholds the one satellite party I did not want to miss! I did, however, end up missing most of the actual Sunday festival events from pure exhaustion. Not so enthusiastic, but more succinct Sunday wrap-up is here:

  • Questlove Okayplayer BBQ: delicious meats and sounds. As we leave, the line to get into Wood Tavern is wrapping around the block. Decide to hire gangsta beebeequeue man for all of my future events.
  • This afternoon needs more coffee.
  • Sit and rap with Manfriend on the sidewalk for a while whilst waiting for the festival to open. My feet already hurt.
  • Mosey on over to the line to get in. Girl in front of us tries to be positive and encouraging. Fool.
  • Catch a bit of Eagle Chief. Explain to Manfriend how I met Nacho from the band when he randomly rocked out the Wednesday blues jam night at Titanic Brewery. We’d been Facebook friends ever since.
  • Settle in on the floor in front of projection visual art. Girl from line walks up and touches jiggling boobie in video. Satisfied, we leave.
  • Uber driver is an older man with “Bonnaroo” sticker on his car. He puts on Lorde’s live set at Austin City Limits broadcasted over satellite radio as Manfriend peacefully drifts off to sleep.

Wrap-up Wrap-up

Although I missed a good portion of the last night at the festival, I can still confidently say that my experience at III Points this year was encouraging. The organizers have managed to put together something unique in a place known for its clichés and I look forward to seeing how it evolves in the coming years.

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