Housekeeping: 2017 BETA Update

If you’re here, it’s very likely that you received my very first monthly digest. Exciting! That isn’t the only cleaning up I’ve done, either.

Here are a few more highlights:

  • Switched out some of the uglier graphics around this place. Not all of them! Because never forget where you came from.
  • Decided on a much nicer header font that was consistent with my “brand direction.”
  • Set up my local environment to someday, maybe soon, tackle getting out from under this extremely outdated WordPress theme. I’ve always loved the look, but there’s a theme admin panel, guys. Yes, I’ve become very opinionated regarding WordPress best practices.
  • And, as I mentioned before, I actually did a little bit of setting up with my mailing list. Sign up at the bottom! You’ll only get an e-mail on the months I write things. (LOL!)

In addition to those things, I’ve also decided to undertake the task of coming up with a style guide. “Why would I do that if I’m the only writer?” is definitely something you may ask. Well! It will be a huge help putting new posts together and aligning them with some kind of consistency. It will also speed up my workflow a whole bunch, as many of the half-assed design decisions I make would already have been decided. This all just boils down to bringing you better content. Basically everyone wins, so HOORAY!

Now to get back to that other post I was working on… I’m literally on a roll. (Wait.. no, not drugs. Do they still call it that?)

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