FIU Professional MBA Daze

Oh. Hello! If you aren’t exclusively here to cheat your way into a cheap tablet you may be wondering where I have been. “All over the place” really doesn’t quite capture it. In 2017, I: started a new job, successfully pivoted into more technical (i.e. fun!) work, and, not the least of which, started a new journey in education at my alma mater pursuing an MBA.

At this point I’m more than half-way through my business education and, in spending a lot more of my time these days focusing on career development (i.e. the future), I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the starting point of this trajectory.

Where I last left you, I was looking for a new job and found myself in the best position I have ever been to move forward with getting the degree I had, for years, knew that I wanted. The following was the statement of purpose I submitted with my application:

Of FIU's core values (creativity, rigor, diversity, team, integrity, and global community), which value resonates most with you and why?

It has been over seven years since I’ve sat in one of Florida International University’s classrooms as a student. Every time I have returned since, I am in awe of how much the campus and the community have grown since my graduation. In this regard, I feel a bit spoiled having not only grown up in the South Florida community, but having experienced how FIU demonstrates its values first-hand as an alumna. In the context of returning as a student to the business school, however, creativity as a core value stands out to me the most.

    Since 2010, I have participated in many community events hosted by a variety of FIU’s departments. I’ve listened intently, taking notes at one of The Metropolitan Center’s speaker panels. I have gone to several talks hosted by StartUp FIU. I have even attended community meetings to address climate change mitigation presented by FIU staff and their partnerships. From these events over the years, it has been clear that the value FIU offers the community is that it is consistently front and center in pushing innovative solutions. The culture of research and thought leadership at FIU benevolently shines into every corner of South Florida.

   I received my bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies, a department that was graciously saved by an endowment set-up by the Dalai Lama near the end of my Junior year. At the time, I didn’t know what my calling would be and chose this field based on the premise that it tickled my intellectual curiosity. I enjoyed the fact that conducting research in Religious Studies involved a variety of disciplines. I could wear the hat of historian, sociologist, and even art critic in distilling interesting hypotheses. That should have been the first indication of what direction my path would take me.

    Over the years, I’ve gotten to know myself better through the work that I have done and am now confident in what I want my future to look like. I want to lead teams of interesting and creative people to shape the creation of useful products and services, whether that be in the C-Suite or as a product manager. What I need to get from here to there is a better rounded education that will both challenge and encourage me to explore new ways to solve problems and become a better leader. At work, I have always ventured into different areas where I could contribute my experience and ideas to my team and that has revealed my ability to comfortably become a polymath no matter the industry. My endless curiosity has driven my success so far and I am at the precipice of taking my achievement to the next level with the help Florida International University to guide my vision.

    It has not gone without my notice that the College of Business has been the birth of some of the most interesting initiatives in business development in our community, including the Center for Leadership and StartUp FIU. The program that I am interested in itself is innovative, as it combines the best of technology and the camaraderie of in person instruction. When I first learned about the Professional MBA Flex program, I knew I would be returning to FIU when the time was right. My intent is to take the Entrepreneurship and Innovation track, as well as the Business Analytics track to follow my passion in using technology to innovate and drive results. And, as they may say at StartUp FIU, innovation is where creativity meets commerce.

When you’re going 100mph, it’s fun to pause and look back at how far you’ve come.

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