Be Like Beastie: An Affiliate Post

Hello Loyal Readers, few and far between! I have recently graduated from an MBA program with a 3.98 GPA which means that I am a certified “business woman.” The strongly worded letter to my Competitive Strategy professor for my singular A- notwithstanding, I’m ready to take these skills into the Real World™ and market my brand. And boy is it quite *A* brand. If you wish to someday become more like Beastie, may I offer you a carefully curated selection of Amazon affiliate links?

Fooling Some Of the People All Of the Time

In earnest, this book very likely changed my life. I don’t think I’ll ever be interested in so many pages of text that boil down to accounting practices ever again. In 2008, I was working as a receptionist for an investment capital firm when Lehman Bros stopped answering their phone. I then graduated from college in 2010, the thick of the Great Recession, and am very much a product of the era. The recent yield inversion gave me a bit of a panic attack, for example.

After reading this book, I realized the cold and short-sighted nature of corporate America that turned me off to the disciplines of business and economics in the first place wasn’t sustainable. Milton Friedman’s concept of morality was not sustainable. And while I already have a separate essay bouncing around my head about it, the CEO’s of the Business Roundtable seem to agree.


This was the first chapter book I ever read at the tender age of eight. Being nerdy, somewhat introverted, and fascinated with magic growing up in a working class neighborhood, it resonated with me. And if you were wondering, the second chapter book I ever read was To Kill a Mockingbird.

Garmin Vivomove HR

I get compliments on my watch all the time and everyone seems surprised to find out it’s a fitness tracker. I’m also happy to report that you can reject phone calls without looking at your phone on this hybrid watch, one of my personal favorite features. After using different generations of their Forerunner watch for years, Garmin devices continue to deliver on my data obsession.

Blender Bottle

I’m one of those fitness nerds that has powders for all occasions piled into her kitchen. And nothing has ever worked as well as Blender Bottle breaking down those tough to mix recovery concoctions I live on. I have at least four of these little guys at any given moment.

Tools of the Trade

I recently signed up for no less than four learning platforms to review Python. I like to see different frameworks and tooling then form strong opinions on them. I am in fact on a campaign to convert my fellow Data Analysis for Business students from Tableau to Power BI as Microsoft’s platform is superior (for now). I have been buying the same planner, notebooks, pens, pencils and highlighters for years as I have yet to find better tools for my tastes. Here is a sample of what you’ll likely find all over my desk, in my purse, and rolling around in my car:

Lateralus by Tool

Yes, I regret to inform you that I am a huge Tool fan. The fan base has a pretty similar reputation as the Rick & Morty base, as they are collectively obnoxious for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps the Venn diagram of both is just short of a circle that crosses people who listen to Joe Rogan. I digress. 

The title track of this album is and potentially forever will be my favorite song of all time. I remember being 15, hearing it for the first time and feeling it completely take over my body. I listened to Parbol/Parabola every day on the train that summer. As someone who grew up in the Episcopal Church and would go on to study forms of mysticism and religious systems in college, the themes struck a chord. It will always have a special place in my heart.

Bonus: Infinite Jest (Kindle Edition)

I have an unfortunate habit of intellectual masochism and at one point had decided to read this book. While I did end up enjoying it, it took me over 200 pages just to figure out what the hell was going on. The analog of this book is quite the paper weight, so unless you need the additional exercise, stick to the Kindle for this title and maybe just buy the paper version to show off in your house as a trophy for getting through it. 

Thank you for your support!

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