Jazz! 2016 Off Script

I know: I haven’t regularly updated since late 2014. I use the term “regularly” loosely, of course. It is now 2016. Where does the time go? In putting in a little love to Veritastrophe since then, I like to think of this as it as being in “beta.” Just like Hipster CEO 2 will be “available in 2015,” my hopes aren’t entirely up, but they’ll probably start moving around after this last snooze.

So, what did I miss?

Ha! Just kidding.

Leap years, at least for Americans, are a very exciting time. You get to squeeze an extra day out of the reip-off that is February rent, we as a country acquire a hand full of shiny Olympic medals at the Summer games with our elite athletes who will reliably break records, and the United States Presidential race that has been in effect for nearly a year begins to take shape.

At least we still have the Olympics to look forward to?

When I was but a young doe, I had thought all the exciting parts of history had passed before I was born. I would read about the Old World politicks of the World Wars, how unions and the labor movement transformed how we worked, and how citizens stood up and fought for Civil Rights. Though I knew people were still fighting their battles, mostly since Sociology is still something you can major in, I had been under the distinct impression that we had entered a “soft” stretch of history. I had bought into Fukuyama’s “End of History” before I knew what is was. I had understood that my generation and those to come would be defined by our clothes and entertainment, not by our ideas and causes.

It’s been almost eight years since the United States elected its First Black President and I would be lying if I told you I hadn’t been the least bit giddy with excitement when the Occupy movement bubbled up from Zuccotti Park nearly 5 years ago. While Occupy itself may have never amounted to any concrete or even tangible change, it did open up the possibility that there may be something beyond a reality we had been spoon fed. Somewhere around this wizard’s castle is a curtain to be drawn.

Art, science, and politics will all follow a set of rules that neatly fit into a model that we have become comfortable with. That is until they don’t. And this delightful descension into chaos that we are now experiencing is the desperate grasp to retain the old model; hold on to it as it slips through our fingers like fine sand…

… There I go, getting romantic about our chaotic universe again.

While it does sadden me to have lost such groundbreaking and influential artists so recently, I like to think they’ve left us because their work here is done. Perhaps Prince and Bowie are in fact immortals, but having completed their mission of revealing us to ourselves, they’ve returned to the plane they had emerged from. Their cue to depart was that they had no barriers left to break; a superficial facade of our vanilla existence that once stood menacingly before us had been dealt its final blow and begun to crumble. And just as when Prince would improvise live, now is the time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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